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You Need To Verify Your Biz on Google. (Yesterday!)

Google has released Google My Business ‘POSTS’. This is huge. A big deal.

Finally they’re doing something that integrates business social with their search results. (Usually they’d just be trying to cram Google+ in our faces…)

What this means, is that you can set a business post with a call to action and link included.

For example:

  • Book now
  • Learn More
  • Buy
  • etc etc

This is more for branded specific searches – As in, if someone is Google searching for YOU specifically, they’ll be able to see your map listing PLUS the most recent post below the pertinent business information.

Most of the businesses I deal with don’t really bother with managing the Google ‘My Business’ themselves, so I manage it for them. As such, I would most certainly be able to help post deals, promos etc.

Verifying Your Business with Google

The big secret here is that you’ll have to verify your business with Google. This has many positive benefits. Heck, it gets you on maps, it gives you search insights (how people are finding you) and gives you the option to post photos and promotions now.

You cannot go wrong!

But you’ve got to start the process. Find your business on maps and click to ‘Claim my business’. From there you’ll have to either have a post card mailed to your business location -> Or if you’re lucky, a robot from Google will phone you and give you a PIN and boom, you’re done.

The mailed post card method takes 2-4 weeks I’ve found, which is a lifetime in small business world. That’ what has to happen to confirm a physical location I suppose!

If you need any help setting up your Google My Business listing, don’t hesitate to ask. It’s pretty easy, and could be a big boost to the online branch of your business.

These Posts are Going to be Huge

You’ll see.

Here’s a nicely arranged article on these Google Business Posts by SEM Rush

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