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Full Service Web Design in Kitchener

Why Choose a Full Service Web Designer in Kitchener, Ontario

Are you on the lookout for a web designer or online manager for your business in Kitchener? Did you know that the art of designing and maintaining a website is not a one time job? Shocking, right!

You don’t create a web page and then leave it untouched for life, it’s just not the way it works. Let’s learn more about what’s involved in getting your Kitchener business online and taken care of.

Website maintenance and the need for updating content and plugins keep occurring throughout the life of your website’s life. There is much more to website design and creation than what you might know.

With this in mind, here are a few great reasons why you should choose a full service web designer in Kitchener, Ontario.

1. Web Design – Not a One Time Task:

Many new businesses (maybe yours!) might not be aware of all the elements of web design and getting started on the web. According to those without the full scope in mind, web design is a one-time task that does not need revamping or revisiting. Just set it – and forget it. Not true!

Informed businesses hope that their websites will adhere to proper SEO standards. This is often more than any mere mortal can take on, in conjunction with running a business.

Along with content marketing, responsive design (mobile friendliness) and even added tactics like social media marketing, and mailing lists to capture more potential eyeballs.

No one tactic or approach is fool proof, but as you’ve already guessed, the businesses who implement multiple approaches and measure results have the businesses that are flourishing.

It’s a constant battle for attention out there, and that means the fight does not end at the completion of your new website… It’s only just the beginning.

Having a full time or on-call web designer and manager for your Kitchener business is a sure way to keep up with all of these factors. It will allow you to harness newly emerging technology and marketing techniques to push your business much further.

This first reason for having a full service web designer in Kitchener is enough in itself to consider having full time help. (I don’t necessarily mean full time, as in on staff, just on call for when their internet and marketing skills are needed)

2. Management of Website

Websites are not set it and forget it types of static things. Like every other program or code based entity, websites need to be checked, monitored, updated and maintained from time to time. This includes freshening up the theme, fixing the template or even adding content for new and fresh purposes.

There’s more to consider than just general upkeep, several other factors are crucial to your businesses online survival and excellence. These factors can be speed, mobile responsiveness, easy navigation, the convenience of usage, etc.

Did you know that if a visitor finds your website to be loading too slow, they may instantly close your page? It’s as easy as being annoyed while waiting in line at Starbucks, then you walk out if they’re taking too long to serve you.

This is because of the short attention span of internet surfers (wait, do we still call them surfers?). Nobody likes waiting for the content to load or witness a crash that will freeze the website. Smart website owners know these things and they keep their websites in check.

Improperly sized images tend to be among the main culprit for bogging down website’s loading time. You don’t need to upload high resolution images to your website – They’re way too big for casual consumption! Yikes!

If you have a web designer from Kitchener maintaining your website, you won’t even have to bat an eye. The designer will already know where to look, what to fix, and what to upgrade. That’s the joy of having a vertically integrated designer and developer at the helm of your online efforts.

3. Added Advantages

Successful Kitchener based companies expand their enterprise by investing in fruitful elements well beyond web design. The website is just step one.

Do you know why? Being a successful business, they know a thing or two about proper planning.

Let’s look at it with this perspective – if you are an amateur at something which is extremely significant, would you rather have an expert take over or would you do it yourself? I always offer the comparison of changing your own oil versus taking your vehicle to the shop…

For me to change the oil in my van would take over an hour, it would be messy, and I would still have to purchase parts… A mechanic has the scale and speed to get the job done quickly.

Having a web designer running your website is a smart choice, as web designers can take over your server-side requests and any content changes or updates.

You can see how a locally based web design and management expert should take care of the online department while you focus on your business. It’s specialization, and adoption of scaling. It’s necessary.

4. Online Marketing:

Gone are the days of marketing your business via newspapers and pamphlets, I mean Yellow Pages? Hello!

Today is the era of online marketing and it’s relative cousin content marketing. Several platforms like Facebook and Instagram are a great source to begin your campaigning.

Working on these platforms and knowing about all the new algorithms can be painstaking. For instance, Instagram has a particular algorithm that will display your account in the “explore” section.

But with your hectic schedule, how can you look into this expanding the opportunities to be discovered like this, accidentally as well? This is where an experienced web designer and social media manager comes in.

These web designers from Kitchener and Waterloo are dedicated to their craft and study the web for a living so you can be rest assured of their efficiency. They are familiar with changes to the algorithms that can affect your visibility and hence they can pave the way for your social media marketing.

You already know the impact of these social media platforms. So you don’t want to miss out on this. I know I was late to a party once… It wasn’t fun!

5. Emergencies and Momentary Panics:

There is always the possibility that a website may crash or can be hacked. It is about the most traumatizing digital thing that can happen to your business.

Hacking can cause serious troubles for your business. You can never be too careful of these incidents. No matter how much you prepare, these situations are inevitable. In these times of panic, there isn’t much that a non professional can do.

That is why having a Kitchener web designer that is also fluent in internet security run your website will help. They will have the background and experience to know where to start when a problem starts. Above all, preventative website security is the single most important insurance policy.

Fixing bugs and securing your website is well within the domain of a professional web designer. They know exactly how to handle such crises.

They are aware of all the ways to secure your website, not only by establishing a firewall, but also track back to find out who is causing you trouble (Usually through IP tracing).

If you don’t want to lose your sensitive information, then hire a web designer who can answer key questions about security. They will take care of all these unsaid emergencies.

6. Content:

Two essential elements that often go ignored of for the work that goes into a webpage are Style and Content. You need to have a strong style choice and structure to captivate the audience. And you need strong content to grip the audience.

Most companies don’t think about copy writing in this way, and as such could be leaving money on the table. Lucky for you, having an online manager and web guru with a background in copy writing and online marketing can be a massive boon for gaining more business from cold prospects online.

They can curate the most appealing content which will also optimize your website while adding value for the reader. This refers to the ranking of your website when searched on a search engine. Your website will have a high ranking owing to optimization resulting in a heavy traffic. Your clients will multiply and your business will grow, well that’s a long story put very short.

7. One Shop Stop:

One more reason why you should hire a full service web designer in Kitchener, Ontario is that they offer a complete all in one package. A web designer such as this can tackle every requirement that might occur while running a website. That’s what makes it so convenient.

To use the vehicle metaphor once more, you wouldn’t drag your vehicle all around town going from tire shop, to brake shop, to the oil and lube shop – no way – You’d take it to the place that can do it all.

Search engine optimization, bugs, fixing, updating, upgrading, appeal, content, you name it and they will do it. So the investment might seem a lot in the beginning, but it is worth it once you realize all of the time saving aspects that they tackle. Once you understand how a web designer is actually your best friend, you’ll thank this post.


Having a local web designer from Kitchener, Ontario or anywhere in the area will be a great investment.

Your business will flourish. When you look back at how far your website has come, you’ll pat your own back and thank your new team members.

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