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I used to be a big fan of Dropbox. For several years in fact, I trusted Dropbox as my cloud storage and backup provider. I even went so far as to use them as a secondary website backup service. Very handy indeed.

However, as an individual who is always willing to try something new and exciting, I came across and LOVED pCloud.

pCloud offers the same services as Dropbox, plus a Crytpo folder option (To assure no outside spying), plus the occasional offer for LIFETIME deals, which can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of your years of cloud backup goodness.

I made the full switch, and have zero regrets, and am now saving money every single month. If you’re just getting started in the digital world, and are considering a cloud backup storage system, I highly recommend pCloud, follow the link below!

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pCloud Cloud Storage

There’s a variety of other cloud services. Most you may be familiar with. Whether you’re thinking of Apple’s iCloud (less about docs, more about total account backup), Microsoft has One Drive (which makes your computer take forever to start up, but a noble attempt, nonetheless).

The folks at Cloud Wars have thankfully drawn up a nice roundup and review on these personal cloud services, see here:

Best Cloud Storage for Personal Use in 2021

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