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7 Web Design Trends to Adopt in 2021

In any field, you have to be prepared for various ups or downs and adapt quickly to new developments.

For graphic design, 2020 was quite a big year given that a majority of business was conducted online. Designers and business owners have been coming up with web designs that attract people and encourage them to stay on the website for a longer time.

In 2021, the innovation has continued, and we are seeing some trends that might be here to stay for a while. According to a report, it takes only 50 milliseconds for people to form an opinion about a business from its web design. So, as a business owner, you have to make sure that your page convinces people to explore further and ultimately convert leads.

These are a few top web design trends that you could adopt this year to achieve more success and experience growth.


This year, a good and attractive web design has a lot to do with accessibility. Having a website that is accessible to visitors everywhere is critical to generating high traffic and increasing the conversion rate. So you have to focus on incorporating elements in your website which makes it easy to navigate and rank highly by the search engines.

Google for example, considers the alt tags in the images for Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Make sure that you use keywords that boost its visibility in the top search results. Other than that, you should also include big, bold text, contrasting colours and high-quality imagery in your web design.

This way, the visitors get a clear idea about your business, its products or service and can access the relevant landing pages easily. Take this for instance. A web page for logo design and web development could have different categories such as website logo generator highlighted in the header or a hamburger menu.

Pale Colors and Pastels

In 2021, there has been quite a shift in the colour schemes that you would see in web design. Pale and soft colours or pastels seem to be preferred by designers and business owners presently and can make for an appealing and soothing combination as well. It has been established in a study that almost 75 percent of the purchasing decisions taken by consumers are based on colours.

Muted, pale colours and pastels can have a positive and calming effect on the visitor and don’t come off as overwhelming. While you will find jewelry, food, organic farms and lifestyle brand using softer tones and hues of blue, pink, green and grey, other businesses are also adopting this trend.

Starbucks has chosen to incorporate pastels in their website which complement the large images and work well with their green, white and black brand colours as well.

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Big and Bold Fonts

When it comes to web design, fonts are one of the most important parts of the process. As a business owner, you have to make sure that people get all the relevant and essential information on the home page. Its why, 2021 looks to be the year where clean typography and bold fonts will be quite a big trend for websites.

While Serif fonts are also making a comeback in the body text and even titles for a few web pages, the focus has to be on bold headlines. So, you can have them on slider images or to highlight the content on the main page.

Asymmetric Shapes

In order to make an impact with your website from the first look, you can think about going with asymmetric shapes. This year, you might also see them quite frequently on a lot of websites as they are setting a popular trend. Shapes can actually be highly effective in catching the attention of the consumers and conveying them a message about your brand or business.

In design, triangles or squares can represent certain traits such as power, reliability or trust. Asymmetric work well in websites as they bring order and make it easier for people to navigate. Take the example of the Jebsen web page below, they have successfully adopted the trend and used the shapes to enhance its appearance.

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Full-Page Header

So far, we can observe that large headers that cover almost the home page of the website are a good way to attract visitors and give them the desired information. You can incorporate such a header with call-to-actions and images which catch the eye instantly.

This wouldn’t mean that you would have to reduce the information or other content on your main page. Just make it so that the consumers can scroll past the header to access more details and find what that are looking for. HubSpot is one such example where the header takes over the entire page in the front and the menu shows up after scrolling down.

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Virtual or Augmented Reality

With many businesses going online in 2020 and the pandemic restricting in-store or outside movement, it is only a matter of time when Virtual Reality takes over. This year, there are quite a few websites such as Ikea or Gap where people are getting an immersive experience for shopping.

Virtual or augmented reality in web design can provide your visitor with a close look at your products or services and help them make a decision. It is also a good way to give consumers a feel of your brand without visiting the store or shop.

Interactive and Responsive design

At the end, the website is about offering your consumers a good user experience. In 2021, you have to focus on improving the UI/UX so that your web page is interactive and responsive.

To Sum Up

These are some of the trends that you should look to adopt in 2021 and help your business make a mark in the industry.

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