Secure Web Hosting

Web Hosting that is Safe & Secure

Why Does Secure Hosting Matter?

One of the biggest problems with having a website is that you can be exposed for various types of digital attacks, hacks, and other nefarious activities. It’s not always a case of you being specifically targeted… These attacks can be totally random.

Canadian Web Creations operates very secure servers that has been designed from the ground up to be the most hands-off method of keeping you safe. There are various features included in the hosting packages you’ll receive from us to keep you safe:

  • Firewall to block out common attacks
  • IP monitoring to watch for unusual behaviour
  • Specific port blocking to limit common attack avenues
  • SSL certificates on all sites
  • Isolated hosting environments for every account
  • WAF – Web application firewall for an even greater level of security
  • Hidden administrative login links