Web Hosting that is Secure, Safe and Sound

Why Does Secure Hosting Matter?

One of the biggest problems with having a website is that you can be exposed for various types of digital attacks, hacks, and other nefarious activities. It’s not always a case of you being specifically targeted, attacks can be totally random.

I operate a very secure server that has been designed from the ground up to be the most hands-off method of keeping you safe. There are various features included in the hosting packages you’ll receive from me to keep you safe:

  • Firewall to block out common attacks
  • IP monitoring to watch for unusual behavior
  • Specific port blocking to limit common attack avenues
  • SSL certificates on all sites
  • Isolated hosting environments for every account
  • WAF – Web application firewall for an even greater level of security

How I Learned About Website Security

I learned the hard way. In the early days of my career in the web business, I was the unfortunate target of an attack that left me in a bad place for several months. I worked day and night to recover from the compromise, and I learned so much along the way.

All of these lessons and more are being put to practical daily use to keep your site safe and sound.