Web Hosting that is Secure, Safe and Sound

Why Does Secure Hosting Matter?

One of the biggest problems with having a website is that you can be exposed for various types of digital attacks, hacks, and other nefarious activities. It’s not always a case of you being specifically targeted, it can be totally random.

I operate a very secure server that has been designed from the ground up to be the most hands-off method of keeping you safe. There are various features included in the hosting packages you’ll receive from me to keep you safe:

  • Firewall to block out common attacks
  • IP monitoring to watch for unusual behavior
  • Specific port blocking to limit common attack avenues
  • SSL certificates on all sites
  • Isolated hosting environments for every account

How I Learned About Website Security

I learned the hard way. In the early days of my career in the web business, I was the unfortunate target of an attack that left me in a bad place for several months. I worked day and night to recover from the compromise, and I learned so much along the way. All of these lessons and more are being put to practical use to keep your site safe and sound.

Barricade Hosting Service

If you only require secure hosting, you can setup an account on my Barricade.host website, where I go into much more thorough explanation on the benefit of a secured hosting environment.