I Love WordPress (And so should you!)

When I started making websites way back in 2007, it was still common for websites to be designed manually. This meant coding, and lots of it.

I wasn’t necessarily interested in this avenue, as it certainly didn’t seem practical, nor scale-able. I mean, how can you grow if you have to basically start fresh with each project.

I couldn’t, I wouldn’t.

I knew there had to be a way to automate much of the process of building a website. My first discovery was the Joomla Content Management System. It was okay, though a bit clunky. Joomla worked well for me for a couple of years.

Then a client requested WordPress specifically, so I had no choice but to learn.

I’m glad I did.

About WordPress

WordPress is a number of ‘things’. First of all, it is a popular online blogging platform. You can sign up and post a casual blog/journal to the WordPress.com website, where it will join the ranks of many other casual and professional bloggers.

WordPress is also a self contained platform that can be used on your own hosting to create a full scale website for your business. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Though, it can be. It’s probably the most user friendly method of making a website. If you’ve ever tried it, you know what I mean.

I prefer WordPress because it acts more like a website operating system. There are many aspects of the operating system that allow you to customize it to do exactly what you need it to do.

A lot of websites may not need any extra features, that’s great – Simplicity can have it’s advantages. However, your business may require plugins that add capabilities to the ‘operating system’ that aren’t there by default.

More to come!