Canadian Web Creations does not perform or support any activities, clients, or suppliers in the European Union, or the European Economic Area.

We do not collect, nor seek to collect any personal data or private data as it may pertain to incidental visits from people from the EU.

Due to the openness of the internet, we cannot merely block traffic to this website to all outside of North America. (Though that would certainly alleviate the concerns of a great many paranoid business owners).

We have zero interest in private data from EU residents who may have stumbled upon this website.

Google Analytics does exist on this site, but all IP information is anonymized, and no personal data is registered or stored by Google Analytics on our behalf.

We do not pursue any re-targeting or re-marketing to visitors of this site. Any coincidental advertising is merely location based (and only based in North America).

Besides, who’s got the time for all that.

Any questions or concerns should be brought to our attention immediately.