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After 15 years of helping companies of all sizes, we’ve received many great reviews that touch on our professionalism, speed, responsiveness, and great pricing πŸ™‚


Every new website project is allotted a one month period for design and creation. This allows us time to get to know your needs, exchange information and content that you wish to include on your website.

It is our experience that a one month turnaround time is greatly welcomed by our clients.

The price of a standard business website is $2000. This is for your everyday business website that does NOT feature e-commerce, which are priced at $3000. For this investment you’ll get all of the pages you need to expand and detail your services and share your story with your potential customers.

Asking for edits or changes to your website is dead simple. All you have to do is email us and we’ll take care of it for you!

No more DIY, no support tickets. This is an honest conversation between you and a real live person who’s responsible for keeping your site up to date with your requests. Most changes are complete in less than 24 hours, heck, more often than not changes are completed in less than 4 hours! Nobody likes waiting.

Most importantly, you’ll get a reply to acknowledge that we’ve received your request, and a confirmation that the task is complete. No more vague or cryptic answers! πŸ˜€

Website and hosting security have always been at the top of the pyramid of website management. For starters, we have a firewall that protects each server. This protects against the most common attacks and attempts to cause trouble on the web.

From there, we also run continuous scans for file changes or intrusions, making sure to keep everything safe. Additionally, each website has its own elements of defence which are designed to thwart and absolutely minimize the risks of hacking, phishing, and other website related attack methods. We got you!

Absolutely, your new website is designed to work seamlessly on any screen. This is actually a question that is a bit dated these days, as virtually every method of web design is now ‘responsive’ (the term for being adaptable to any screen size) right out of the box.

When we agree to work together, you can expect your new website work to commence at the start of the next calendar month.

That being said, if we’re having a conversation on day 30 of a month, it may be understood and agreed upon to start the project at the start of the next-next month. This allows time to finish current projects, gather information on your project, and then give you the proper attention to build an awesome website.

SEO, search engine optimization is a complex series of tasks and mini projects. In order for all tasks to properly round-out your digital footprint and be recognized by Google, it can take months for the positive effects to be noticed. This is absolutely normal, and, in fact there are SEO industry memes about this short period between commencement of work and results.

The fact is that SEO is an investment in your business, and that investment compounds over months and years. Compounding, as with any investment, is the magic word that makes time our best friend.

We have reduced our involvement in social media and have instead chosen to focus on the skills and services we know we can provide you with a much more substantial ROI on, SEO and web design.

That being said, we will occasionally help to set up social media accounts in order to help in the broader business growth sense.

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